Green Woodland Gnome Felted Wool Sculpture


Who doesn’t love an adorable little gnome? This green woodland gnome is needle felted out of 100% Maine wool, hand crafted by Maine artist Hillary Dow.

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Yes, I’ve buckled under the mystical draw of the oh so adorable button nosed gnome. I’ve seen many that made me smile, many that have crossed my feeds, path, caught my eye as I walk around cities and villages around Maine, and so here he is – my very first design of a button nose gnome. I’m pretty tickled with the way he came out. Admittedly, we have given a great deal of homage to magical rainbow lands, fairies in our house, but gnomes have yet to receive the attention they’re due. Until now.

Actually, for the better part of two years, the Sun Fairy visited our daughter’s room every night and left a miniature sized note in her dedicated fairy mailbox. It’s true, this mommy earned major cred by writing hundreds of notes and sneaking them into the mini mailbox after slumber fell. Anyway, something tells me that it would be a lot of fun to introduce a gnome character to our repertoire and reveal the antics that may be up his (or her) sleeve.

How about you? Would you care to bring an adorable little gnome into your home? If you would, it would be an honor to add a piece of art to your life, art that will surely spark magic, wonder, and curiosity.

A hand-felted out of 100% Maine wool🐑

SIZE: 5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
MEDIUM: Fiber art
MATERIALS: 100% sheep’s wool
SIGNATURE: Signed on the bottom

Our Inventory is intentionally kept low. When necessary, Inspired Fiber Design pieces are made to order. When this occurs, orders will ship within 2 weeks of payment receipt. This also means that if you would like a specific color or detail we’re open to your ideas and requests, just ask.

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