It’s time for a brand refresh!

Binding Tales has evolved a lot since its inception in 2019. As we launch into 2024 I am doing a brand refresh!

The biggest change for Binding Tales occurred shortly after launch in early 2020, when I began feeling the creative pull toward the medium of wool needle felting. I think artists are incredibly fortunate when they discover a medium that truly speaks to their heart. As Binding Tales was launching, so too was my fascination with felting. I’ve been honing my skills as a fiber artist for three years now, and it is very exciting to think that I’m just getting started.

As Binding Tales has grown I have been adjusting my branding to reflect the changes. In 2021 I added Lichendia Felting as a sub-brand to Binding Tales. The thing is, Lichendia is the setting of my book series based on a magical fairyland. My felting, writing, and illustrating aspirations reach far beyond that series.

brand launch Binding-Tales-Logo

The first logo is found on my earliest titles, activity books for children who are just learning to read and write. I hadn’t yet developed my tagline, nor had I blended felting with my book publishing. The second logo is found on my first three children’s books when I began illustrating with felted wool pictures. While this leg of the journey began with stories about fairies, the themes are now varied and so too are my interests in what I am felting for artwork. After a great deal of reflection (as changing branding is not something to take lightly), I decided that my brand is still in the formative stages, and change is not only OK, but it will strengthen the Binding Tales brand.

Bangor Literary Festival

On December 9th, I joined other Maine authors for the 2nd Annual Bagor Authors’ Book Fair and Literary Festival at the Bangor Public Library. Thank you to all who visited those of us in the children’s library, and an extra special thank you to everyone who purchased books and original illustrations! Many thanks to my lovely neighbor, Mary Cerullo for the photo!

One of the observations I had throughout the day was the struggle people have when pronouncing Lichendia. Between that consistent observation and the pull toward honing in on my core brand, I have put a lot of thought into redoing my logo. I hope you like it!