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Hillary Dow
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Limited First Edition Children’s Books of Lichendia


Fairy Spells & Strawberry Elves

When Viève discovers a magical shell that opens a portal to Lichendia, a woodland fairyland, the mermaid swiftly embarks on an epic adventure. With fairy wings, potions, and spells, she joins newfound friends to awaken strawberry elves.

A Launch of Magical Adventures

Our first fully illustrated children’s book was self-published in the spring of 2021! Through the late fall of 2020 and into the new year we ran a launch campaign with pre-sales of Fairy Spells and Strawberry Elves to help fund the self-publishing process.

Lichendia launched with much more than books! Scroll through our shop to discover handmade felted treasures, DIY felting kits, virtual classes, original felted illustrations, and tiers of founders’ support—through the gifting of books to local school and town libraries.


  • Funds Raised Toward Goal 72.78% 72.78%

This progress bar represents funds raised toward our goal of $17,616 throughout our launch campaign. The Dow family, and all the characters of Lichendia, welcome you and thank you for your support! 

The Journey of an Indie Author

Check out these gallery images—only a few of the many treasured moments from the recent past. 

Give the Gift of Books

The Founder’s Circle includes several tiers of support. The support level within each circle funds the donation of my book to local schools and libraries.

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Felting Lessons

Needle Felted Elves and fairies by Hillary Dow

Wool Felted Paintings

Felted portrait commissions by Hillary Dow

Felting Master Class

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