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Spark your child’s curiosity while they explore good habits that will help heal Earth’s boo-boos! They’ll love the process, you’ll cherish it forever!

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Binding Tales offers interactive paperback children’s books that inspire and lead young authors (ages 5 and up) with guided composition and illustration prompts. A child’s imagination and the written words of some of their earliest composition pours onto the pages of their very own storybook. Forget the stacks of lose paper, you will instantly preserve their masterpiece in a format you’ll be able to cherish forever!

Life, it’s all about the experiences we have and the people we share them with.

Our hope is that Binding Tales helps your family capture and create the precious, fleeting memories of childhood. As our library of books grows, we would be honored to share in the growth of your young author!

Inspiring young authors to write and imagine.

We also offer original works of art by founder, author, and illustrator, Hillary Dow. Check out our art gallery!


Inspiring Young Authors

Fuel your child’s imagination.

Not quite sure what an interactive book is? Flip through our books right here to see what’s in store for your young author. Binding Tales Flip Book Previews

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