Needle Felting A Fairy

step by step tutorial

Materials List

38 gauge felting needles

Sturdy foam or wool pad

Core wool or natural roving

Fleshtone colorway

Light blue-grey wool for wings

Wool in a color palette for dress and shoes

Curly locks for hair


Each of the proceeding videos includes step by step instructions that walk you through each stage of forming and assembling a needle felted fairy figurine. I am working on a Sun Fairy, one of the two main characters in the book currently underway. Thanks to our community of needle felting artists, the lessons include just a bit of light banter that captures where we are in our lives at this point in time. This lesson was recorded on July 27, 2021.

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Part 1 Head Form, Shoulders and Torso

Part 2 Neck, Arms and Hands

Part 3 Bust and Waist, Attaching Arms

Part 4 Legs

Part 5 Feet and Fairy Booties

Part 6 Facial Features and Hair

Still Image Gallery

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Hillary Dow Felting Master Class Instructor fiber artist

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Hi, my name is Hillary Dow. A few of my many hats include mother, author, artist, booker (leave the vacation booking to me, I’ve got this), family chef, practice manager, felting artist in Maine, and oh so many more. I write children’s books illustrated with my wool creations. It is such a thrill to be a part of helping someone develop their skills and CREATE artwork. Thank you for joining me!

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