Membership for Young Authors

Keep the imagination alive and your young author writing to their heart's content!

Membership for Young Authors

Your Young Author Receives

  • A new book (or two) delivered right to their mailing address every month
  • A new pencil & eraser to add to their writer’s nook
  • New art supplies to add to their growing artist’s studio
  • Practice coloring sheets
  • A new bookmark

And For You

a key book contributor

  • Bask in the glorious convenience of being a rockstar book contributor while not having to lift a finger every month for the books and activities to keep coming!
  • Make a meaningful and lasting difference in the development of the special young author in your life.

$18.95 a month for our 1 book kit
$24.95 a month for our 2 book kit

Payment Options

Monthly, Semiannual, Annual 

It’s time to get creative!

Monthly membership packages are shipped the first week of the month.


Kids and adults alike enjoy these treasured time capsules of childhood words and images!

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