The Binding Tales Family

Situated in Lewiston, Maine — Reaching Across the Globe



Meet our family, and inspiration behind Binding Tales, Adam, Hillary, Eva, and Tyler Dow. Our family may be complete in numbers, but our growth is limitless. We love to spend time outdoors, walking, fishing, swimming, paddling, and we cherish family adventures. We read lots and lots of books and we always eat meals as a family, at the table. Time together is precious, yet there never seems to be enough of it.

So we’re building a business that places our family at the very center of everything. 


Eva is happiest when she is singing, dancing and drawing (like her mommy), and she has an abundance of spunk. Look out teenage years, we may be in for it! She is our social butterfly, making lifelong friends everywhere she graces with her smile and presence. And she is a mermaid at heart who loves everything about the water? She and I have collaborated a lot on many of the Binding Tales books, a true inspiration!


Tyler is happiest throwing a ball of any kind (like his daddy), but his true love (and borderline obsession) is football. By age 2 he could flip through football cards and call out the teams by the color recognition of their uniforms. Did I mention the perfect spiral he throws at rocket speed? Seriously, the little guy throws a football better than I do. He also asks the most miraculously inquisitive questions. Here’s one for you — Mama, what is the sky? Tell me something, how would you answer that one?



Hillary & Adam

If you ask me if I think true love exists, or if there are soulmates in this life, I will tell you yes I do, and yes there are. Some of us are fortunate enough to find each other. In and amongst our family time, I may be sewing a crazy quilt square or cooking a fun new recipe, while Adam may be out turkey hunting, cycling, or fishing in the pond. We both work very hard and do our best to set good examples for Eva and Tyler. That commitment spills over into the ways in which we embrace a life filled with adventures and time to connect.

With my love of art and a shared fascination with business, what began as a spark of an idea on the eve of a family road trip quickly blossomed into a full-fledged business plan in a matter of days. Never ones to let moss grow under our feet, we’re thrilled to focus on a rewarding venture that ties together every single corner of our life. And what a fabulous life it is!

Welcome to our journey, we hope you’ll join us for the adventure!

Binding Tales Hillary Dow