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The path rarely chosen is magical.

Choosing to follow a path that makes your heart sing, and doing the hard work necessary to make it happen, that’s a path rarely chosen. Don’t you agree?

I get it, and I choose it. This is really tough (at times), but I honestly don’t know how to approach life any other way. Perhaps that’s why Adam and I never canceled that 4 am wake-up alarm we set nearly three years ago.

Progress made recently:
✔️ Completed illustrations for the book
✔️ Artwork photographed by Rene Roy Photography
✔️ Review first-round edits from Malo Editorial Services
✔️ Hire database specialists to source librarian contacts (school & town)
✔️ Set up scheduling tool for author readings
✔️ Integrate Zoom with scheduling tool to automate virtual event planning

And of course…
✔️ Remote school the kids, help run a medical practice, do our best to catch fish through the ice, teach the kids how to ice skate, dance with Adam in the kitchen, remember my mask, get lots of sleep – you know, all the other stuff.

I’ll continue along the path rarely chosen and send you magic and creative inspiration in gratitude for joining me.

Binding Tales Lichendia Hillary Dow

A recent message to my printer began like this…

Happy Friday!

I am expecting delivery of my final image files on Monday and so next week I’ll be ready to begin assembling the digital layout of my book.

EEeeeeEEEeeee! OK, I simply can’t contain my enthusiasm!

As I move ahead with runs of both the hardcover and paperback…

It has been such an absolute pleasure to work with Shelby at J.S. McCarthy Printers through the sales and spec gathering process. I received a box of sample books that were tremendously helpful in understanding what each quoted option would look and feel like. One of the paperbacks even prompted a reservation for our family to go on a Lucky Catch Cruise lobster boat this summer to haul lobsters! Thank you!

Why I #focus on #purpose

This print run of my limited first edition is kind of a big deal. Yes, I get butterflies when I think about everything coming together – a big deal indeed!

This book is the single largest investment I’ve made in pursuing my art career since I graduated from art school. Other big factors have been the ongoing development of digital assets and keeping my nose buried in (and experiencing) how to run businesses for all these years.

Now it’s time to focus on my business.

Create and orchestrate. I think those are two of the greatest privileges on earth. I also view them as key action words behind two of my favorite hashtags #focus and #purpose. To me, they epitomize the zany juggle of family, imagination, creativity, fun, work, health, adventure, learning, making, exploring… all of the zest that is woven into the path upon which we’re making our way through this one life. It’s not always easy and sometimes it’s hard as hell, but I wouldn’t change a thing.