It went a little something like this…

Adam was reclined on the couch reading the Emerald Mile and narrating facts covering the building process of the greatest dams in America.

I was sitting up straight with my felting foam in my lap, finishing the final illustration of my first fully illustrated children’s book, Fairy Spells and Strawberry Elves.

As the book was set down, Adam’s focus shifted to browsing bait buckets for ice fishing, after the scoop froze in our bucket and broke the prior weekend.

Our valentine’s day bait bucket conversation was one for the memory books. We’re now the happy owners of a warming, aerating bait bucket to help make our ice fishing adventures a bit more stress free.

Of course, during the epic back and forth I was peacefully and persistently insistent that we did NOT need another bucket.

By the end of the laughter-filled debate it struck me like a load of sandbags, you need buckets for a WIDE variety of reasons when you go ice fishing. Maybe one bucket just doesn’t cut it.

And so the bucket was ordered!

One for the memory books.