Needle Felting Lesson: Bass Guitar

step by step tutorial

Materials List

Felting needles

Sturdy foam or wool pad

Reference photo of a bass guitar

Black and white wool

Color of your choice for the bass guitar body

Needle Felting Video Lesson: Bass Guitar

Welcome to the needle felting lesson: Bass Guitar. Together we’ll work throughout the process of developing the musical instrument introduced to the story in the fifth illustration of my picture book, Flock of Rock! Thank you for sharing this journey with me. This lesson was originally recorded in June 2024.

Bass Guitar Body

The first and largest component of the bass guitar is the body, so we will form that in the first step. This bass guitar is yellow, but you can use any color you choose.

Fold and Felt: Forming the Neck of the Bass Guitar

In the second video lesson, we use dark black fibers that are folded over themselves and then felted to form the neck of the bass guitar.

Felting the Bridge and Accent Design

In this video lesson, I add a white curvy accent design to the front of the bass body (it is a rock band after all) and the bridge. In the process of felting the violin in an earlier piece I decided I would not add strings to each of the string instruments, but rather leave that detail up to the imagination of the viewer.

Felting the Headstock and Tuning Pegs

In this video lesson, we add two small sections of black to form the headstock and four rolled tuning pegs. Be sure to read more about folding and felting in the master tip included in the master class content for this lesson!

Hillary Dow Felting Master Class Instructor fiber artist

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Hillary Dow. A few of my many hats include mother, wife, traveler, outdoor adventurer, author, family chef, marketing professional, felting artist in Maine, and oh so many more. I write children’s books illustrated with my wool creations. I picked up my first felting needle in 2019 and it wasn’t long before I realized I had finally found MY medium! Like any labor of love, I simply keep going to learn more while honing my skills. It is such a thrill to be a part of helping others develop their skills and CREATE artwork. Thank you for joining me!

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