Felting Master Class


Take your needle felting to a whole new level when you join Hillary Dow’s Felting Master Class, where craft meets fine art! You will learn felting techniques and artistic design, as you follow along the process of felting illustrations for children’s books!


The felting master class focuses primarily on the art of painting with wool. You will learn advanced felting techniques and artistic design, through trained instruction and collaboration with fellow felters. Hillary Dow, a formally trained illustrator, and author of several books will guide you through the process of constructing and creating wool paintings that combine 2D and 3D techniques, creating truly remarkable works of art. Members all receive one year of access to the felter’s master class portal, filled with recordings of lessons, step by step instructions, felting tip sheets, and exclusive member’s only content.

  • 7 Instructional Modules
  • Video Lessons
  • Instructional Tip Sheets
  • Process Photo GalleriesĀ 

Every month new felting recordings are posted in the membership portal, along with still images of progress shots I take throughout the process of felting the illustrations of my books.

Click through to watch a 6-minute video of Hillary scrolling you through the master class membership portal.

Here’s what our members are saying:

“It is so relaxing and enjoyable, I look forward to it every week.” Robin K. – joined 2021

At this time, enrollment in class does not include felting supplies, since some members may have a treasure trove of supplies and wool already close at hand. However, if that is not the case, we do offer advanced felting kits that are well suited for this membership. Additionally, puff pouches of our signature colors make a great addition to your wool palette.



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