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School Author Visits

Wholesale book orders are a perfect option to enrich an author visit experience when planning an event with Hillary.

Patron Gifts

A pathway for intentional giving. Patron gifts include book bundles offered at wholesale pricing.

The Founder’s Circle includes several tiers of patron gift support. The support level within each circle funds the donation of limited first edition copies of the first book in the Lichendia series, Fairy Spells and Strawberry Elves, to local schools and libraries. The pricing structure for patron gifts mimics wholesale price points, so far as the costs incurred to produce and ship the books are covered. The Founder’s Circle is specific to Fairy Spells & Strawberry Elves. This is an excellent option for schools that would like to place a bulk order of books to distribute throughout their district, classrooms, or charter schools.

Wholesale pricing for gifting other Binding Tales books is outlined below.

Early Stage of the Journey

In 2020 Hillary captured this message explaining why we launched the Founder’s Circle.

Founder's Circle of Lichendia, Give the gift of books and help launch a magical fairyland!

Sacred Inclusion

Our two highest levels of support, $1,000 and $5,000 circles, are given the option of including your name, location, and website link on the Founder’s Circle page of our website. At the center of our circle, the $5,000 supporters will enable us to give the gift of 150 hardcover and 250 paperback copies of Fairy Spells and Strawberry Elves to local schools and libraries!

Gifting Picture Books

Wholesale Pricing to Put Books in the Hands of Children
The Sun Fairy, from farm to bookshelf with author and artist Hillary Dow

Gifting The Sun Fairy

Wholesale orders of the Sun Fairy, to be used as gifts for children at schools or libraries, are sold at a discounted price of $6.20 per book, plus shipping when needed.


Fairy Spells and Strawberry Elves eBook-Front-Cover by Hillary Dow

Gifting Fairy Spells and Strawberry Elves

Wholesale orders of paperback Fairy Spells and Strawberry Elves, to be used as gifts for children at schools or libraries, are sold at a discounted price of $10.00 per book, plus shipping when needed.


Buy Singular Copies

Fairy Spells and Strawberry Elves

Limited First Edition Children’s Book of Lichendia

When a curious mermaid, named Viéve, finds a magic shell that portals her through to a fairyland named Lichendia, magical adventures await the newly winged fairy.

Author & Artist’s Bio

Hillary Dow

Hello, my name is Hillary Dow. I  was born and raised in the rural mountains of Maine and fortunately, I still call the pine tree state my home. Classically trained in illustration, I am a graduate of the Hartford Aft School at the University of Hartford. Inspired by the beauty and splendor of nature, each day I soak in the influences that spin around me. Words and stories of Binding Tales are inspired by the zany things done and said by our two children, Eva and Tyler. I channel the joy and adventure of our life into unique, creative works of art created with wool sourced from Maine fiber farms.

While I do enjoy using watercolor, pastel, ink, and graphite, my preferred and signature medium is most certainly wool. From dying small batches of wool roving, carding fibers to blend colors, and then using wet and needle felting techniques I turn the fleece of happy Maine sheep into illustrations that bring stories from farm to bookshelf.

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