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Why Binding Tales? Why now?

Paperback Activity Books

I’ve solved a struggle that faces practically every parent, especially those with children who love to draw and write stories. As our family story evolves we amass stacks upon loose stacks of pages filled with artwork, writing assignments, and the treasured chronicles of our children’s young lives.

But what do we do with the stacks of paper? One box gets filled, then another, and another. With a heavy heart and dash of guilt, we (maybe) snap pictures of pages and toss the originals, with lofty aspirations of compiling images into books… but who has time for that? Like our second child’s baby book, some projects get put on hold for another day. And then another, and another. Am I right?

A parent's struggle - so much loose paper

So why not start with the end in mind?

Introducing Binding Tales, bound paperback books that inspire and guide young authors with composition prompts and the launching point for their own illustrations.

Life, it’s all about the experiences we have and the people we share them with.

Our hope is that Binding Tales helps your family capture and create memories of your own. As our story and library of books grow, we would be honored to share in the growth of your young author!

How will you preserve your story?

Even with all of the pressures of life, we make sure to carve out time together as a family. Having fun and educational activities to do together that ties all of our adventures and experiences into little paperback time capsules is awesome! The kids have a blast working on their books, we enjoy the process of helping them, and the keepsakes are priceless. We’d love for our books to become part of your story.

Binding Tales Hillary Dow