Felting Lesson: Portraits


This lesson includes four thirty-minute instructional videos, and two complete galleries of step-by-step process still images Learn how to needle felt realistic portraits in 2D with just a skosh of 3D. Your artwork begins to pop right off the wall!


This lesson includes a materials list, still image step by step gallery, and four thirty-minute videos of instruction that walk you through each stage of forming and adding details to a needle felted portrait. In the video lessons I am working on a closeup of the Sun Fairy, one of the two main characters in my next children’s book. The techniques used in this lesson highlight the use of 3D form on a 2D wool base wall hanging – the portrait extends beyond the plane of the wool base.

Part 1 Forming the Head, Placing Features
Part 2 Feature definition, Adding flesh tones
Part 3 Eyeballs and eyelids
Part 4 Shadows, Mouth

Two Still Image Galleries
A gallery of close-up photographs details the final stages of developing the Sun Fairy, documenting the remainder of my process following the video recording of the monthly felting class. Additionally, this lesson includes a second still image gallery detailing every step from start to finish of a fully developed portrait on a simple white wool base.

Presenting two methods of visual instruction, video and still images will help you learn in different ways and have the ability to go at various paces.

Thanks to our community of needle felting artists, the video lessons include just a bit of light banter that captures where we are in our lives at this point in time, plus some awesome questions as people are learning and picking up on new things – myself included!. This lesson was recorded on September 21, 2021.

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