Felting Lesson: Felt an Elf


This lesson includes four thirty-minute videos of step-by-step instructions that walk you through each stage of needle felting 2D and 3D elves onto your fiber base. Your artwork begins to pop right off the wall!


This lesson includes a materials list, still image step by step gallery, and four thirty-minute videos of instruction that walk you through each stage of forming and assembling a needle felted fairy figurine. I am working on a group of elves who are characters in the children’s book currently underway. The two techniques highlighted in this lesson are adding figures to your 2D base that are both needle felted directly onto the base in a 2D technique as well as a 3D construction that is later attached to the base – so that your figure pops off the base.

Part 1 2D Figures – Legs & Torso
Part 2 Arms, Hands, Heads
Part 3 3D Figure Proportions – Legs, Torso, Arms
Part 4 Head, Eyes, Attaching 3D Figures

The still image gallery of close-up photographs details stages in the creation and assembly of the elves, and the addition of details as this method of documenting my process was captured after the video recording. Presenting two methods of visual instruction will help you learn in different ways and have the ability to go at various paces.

Thanks to our community of needle felting artists, the video lessons include just a bit of light banter that captures where we are in our lives at this point in time, plus some awesome questions as people are learning and picking up on new things – myself included!. This lesson was recorded on August 17, 2021.

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