Viéve Enters Lichendia, Original Felted Painting


Viève Enters Lichendia is a 10″ x 10″ original felted painting that features a mermaid turned fairy, as she passes through a wrinkle between her ocean and Lichendia.


This 10″ x 10″ felted illustration features Viéve, our mermaid turned fairy, as she passes through a wrinkle between her ocean and Lichendia, a magical woodland fairyland. Oh, the adventure that lies ahead! The illustration is painted with wool, using nothing more than a rainbow of wool, felting needles, and a whole lot of creativity.

A reproduction of this illustration is part of the inaugural story in the Lichendia series, Fairy Spells and Strawberry Elves, published in spring 2021. The limited first edition hardcover is a high-quality children’s book, signed by the author and illustrator, Hillary Dow. You have the chance to capture a piece of Lichendian history by purchasing an original illustration of the inaugural story. The sale of each illustration helps fund the self-publishing process.

Take a front-row seat along the journey of bringing a magical fairyland to life! Watch and learn as we create and publish children’s books, with the support of many amazing people and businesses in Maine’s arts and publishing community! Be sure to like our Facebook Page and Follow on Instagram!

Viève Enters Lichendia is ready to hang and add a little fairy magic to your wall. The first fully illustrated children’s book of Lichendia will bring the magic of a fairy wonderland into your home – through felted illustrations and words woven into a story that fosters imagination and learning. An original masterpiece of Lichendia magic could be yours! (Did we mention Hillary has a goal to earn a Caldecott Medal in her lifetime…)

If you enjoy felting and would like to learn how to create illustrated wool paintings such as this one, you may be interested in Hillary’s virtual felting lessons.


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