Felting Lesson: Fairy Village


This lesson includes four thirty-minute instructional videos and 100 step-by-step process still images. Learn how to needlefelt a fairy village using 2D and 3D techniques – mushroom cap houses, window boxes, and all!


The Felting Lesson: Fairy Village includes a materials list, six still image step by step galleries filled with 100 close-up detail shots of how I create each part, and four thirty-minute videos of instruction that walk you through each stage of forming and adding details to a needle felted fairy village, complete with mushroom house and window boxes! This illustration will be part of my next children’s book. The techniques used in this lesson highlight the use of 3D form on a 2D wool base wall hanging – the fairy houses pop off the plane of the wool base.

Video Lessons
Part 1 Background, composition, color studies, mushroom fairy house
Part 2 Rowhouses, adding the roof
Part 3 Mushroom cap roof with spots, shadows for volume, window frames
Part 4 Shadows vs. detail lines, windows, doors, plants

Six Still Image Galleries
Felting the mountains and street: background & foreground
Adding houses to the street in the distance using foreshortening
Adding windows and doors
Creating mushroom cap roof spires
Felting a red mushroom fairy house
Needle felting small plants, planters, windowboxes

Presenting two methods of visual instruction, video and still detail images will help you learn in different ways and have the ability to go at various paces.

Thanks to our community of needle felting artists, the video lessons include just a bit of light banter that captures where we are in our lives at this point in time. This video portion of this lesson was recorded on November 16, 2021.

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