Wet Felting Lesson


Taking a break from needle felting, Hillary offers you a free wet felting lesson! Follow along in real time as Hillary goes through each stage of wet felting!


The wet felting lesson takes you through each step of taking loose wool fibers through the process of wet felting them into a sheet of felt. The sheep pop off the wall! This lesson was originally created in the fall of 2022.

Wet Felting Materials List

75 Minutes across Two Video Lessons
Setting up wet felting materials
Laying down the fibers
Separate the tule (or lace)
Soapy water and rotation rolling
Rinsing your felt

Process Detail Images
Master Tip

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Hillary spends the majority of her felting time on needle felting projects, but wet felting has a place in those projects as well. For example, the dress worn by Mother Winter was a wet felt that was then needle felted onto the figure. This is a wonderful way to create beautiful folds and fluid, wavy details in your needle felting projects.


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