Felting Lesson: Standing Child


This Felting Lesson: Standing Child is one hour and 50 minutes, broken down into four separate videos of step-by-step instructions teaching you how to needle felt a child in shorts & t-shirt.


The Felting Lesson: Standing Child includes a materials list, felting master tips, and one hour and 50 minutes of step-by-step instructions, broken down into four separate videos, walking you through each step of forming and assembling a 3-dimensional needle felted figure of a child wearing shorts and a t-shirt! This illustration will be part of my next children’s book, The Sun Fairy. The techniques used in this lesson highlight the use of 3D form on a 2D wool base wall hanging – the standing child pops off the plane of the wool base.

Video Lessons
Part 1: Felting the arms, legs, and bare feet
Part 2: Torso and t-shirt
Part 3: Felting the shorts, attaching the legs
Part 4: Felting the head, neck & ears, attaching to the shoulders

The videos included in this Felting Lesson: Standing Child include just a bit of light banter, capturing just a bit of what is going on in our lives at this point in time. The videos for this lesson were recorded on March 15, 2022.

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